H5000 Series includes Grand Prix race proven Instruments and Autopilot systems. B&G H5000 system has been roughly tested on the most extreme environments, including Recovery, High-Wind and Gust scenarios. The H5000 Interface automatically recognises and logs inputs from all networked sensors and devices.

B&G H5000

H5000 Series offers advanced, sailing-specific features powered by an ultra-fast CPU capable of controlling best-class displays, rendering web-based interfaces and governing a dedicated autopilot controller.

Instrument CPU

The system is powered by a smart Central Processing Unit (CPU) which runs three levels of software, Hydra, Hercules and Performance to match your sailing requirements

Autopilot System

Top-level Sailing Features. The powerful tool allows full system configuration, calibration, backup and restore.

H5000 Pilot System

From all-history Volvo Ocean Race Winners to Alex Thompson, H5000 Pilot has been extensively used and tested in the most extreme environments by the most exigent individual sailors and teams.

H5000 constantly monitors Wind, Sea-state, Heading, Heel angle and other variables to immediately react to changes in conditions, always considering the hard balance between best performance and safety.

Best Sailing Instruments

Recovery Mode

Ship wakes and out of pattern waves can originate sudden course deviations that must be corrected to avoid or correct deviation from the target course.

High-Wind Response

When wind increases the boat bears away. Users can define hardlimits for the H5000 Pilot failsafe systems to match its performance in a safety way.

Gust Response

When wind changes fastly it can be really hard to achieve a stable course. It’s H5000 Pilot mission to take action derived from H5000 or WTP3 instrument data.

B&G H5000 Autopilots Pilot Computers

B&G H5000 Pilot Computer


B&G H5000 Autopilots Pilot Keypads

B&G H5000 Pilot Controller


H5000 Displays

With unique sunlight and night viewable capabilities, H5000 screens include intuitive user interfaces packed with sailing features including SailSteer and StartLine.

Advance manufacturing includes glass bonded for zero condensation, enhanced contrast and unique visibility on sunlight and night. A monochrome, segmented Race display is also available for maximum clarity and concentration.

Powered by ultra-fast ARM processors and fully NMEA 2000® compatible.

HV Mast Displays

HVision Displays have lead the way towards clear vision in all conditions for the most extreme races. Fully configurable for the most crucial information.


Analogue Displays

H5000 Analogue Displays provide high-accuracy information for Apparent and True Wind, Heading, Rudder, Speed and Depth.

B&G H5000 Analogue

B&G H5000 Analogue Heading


B&G H5000 Analogue

B&G H5000 Analogue Heading


Expand H5000 Capabilities

B&G’s H5000 sailing system allows amateur and professional sailors to enhance computations by integrating data coming from nearly all kind of sensor sources.

3D Motion

Wind measurement is affected at the top of the mast by the pitch and roll of the yacht.

H5000 3D Motion sensor is simply the best solution to correct induced wind for accurate wind measurement.


Analog Expansion

Expand your H5000 system by integrating with analogue and pulse signals from B&G or 3rd party sensors.

You will be able to assign those inputs to known functions or as custom-defined inputs.

B&G H5000 Expansion Module

B&G H5000 Analogue Expansion


Serial Expansion

Expand your H5000 by interfacing with serial sensors.

Add useful sources to system computations like the B&G HGSC, GPS sensors, NMEA 183 devices or 3rd party sensors.

B&G H5000 Expansion Module

B&G H5000 Serial Expansion


Barometric Pressure

H5000 Barometric Pressure module allows you to get instantly informed about pressure level, allowing to anticipate weather changes.


Audible Alarm

H5000 Audible Alarm module allows you to get instantly informed about relevant issues and statuses monitored by the H5000 Central Processing Unit.

B&G Alarm Module N2k

B&G H5000 Audible Alarm Module


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