Refitting your boat or yacht?

We can be of great help !!!

At SailRACE we are helping many customers with their refitting projects, independently of the type or size of your boat, or budget assisting you online or travelling abroad for bigger needs.
When you want to improve your boat or yacht you need the best help and the best products according to your budget.

But, what are the best products from a cost-benefit perspective?

How will they work on your specific use case (Coastal or blue water cruising, racing, mixing both)?

Will they be compatible with your current setup? Will you need to change anything more?

Are there any other considerations to take into account?

As professionally certified experts in the solutions we are offering we are here to help.
Please, let us know about the details of your project (boat type, current setup, use case, what you are considering, …) and we will analyse your use case and give you the best offer.

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