Cruisers and regatta racers will equally enjoy Zeus³ capabilities, including SailSteer, RacePanel, WindPlot, advanced Laylines computation and PredictWind integration

Zeus³ is an ultra-bright, wide-angle SolarMax HD IPS display combining all-weather touchscreen technology prepared for the most extreme conditions, including rotary dial and keypad controls.

B&G Zeus³ 9" Chartplotter with Broadband 4G Radar - ROW
SailRACE B&G Zeus³ Chartplotters

Zeus³ Key Features

  • Completely visual intuitive user interface.
  • Exclusive SolarMax HD IPS Display technology for the clearest view in the market in all-weather conditions, under wider viewing.
  • Multi-touch control complemented by rotary dial and keypad controls for the most adverse conditions.
  • Advanced features included, among others:
    • SailSteer&reg.
    • SailingTime.
    • RacePanel
    • LayLines integration with H5000.
    • B&G Triton and H5000 Pilot Systems integration.
    • ForwardScan integration.
    • PredictWind&reg integration.
  • Integrate the cartography of your choice, including C-MAP and Navionics.
  • NMEA 2000&reg and Ethernet connectivity .
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Video In and HDMI Out (in 12″ and 16″ units).
  • Internal 10Hz GPS.
  • NASA online diagnostics and remote support.
B&G Zeus3 Chartplotters Family

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SailRACE B&G Zeus³ Chartplotters

B&G Zeus³ 7" Chartplotters

1,499.00 1,379.08

B&G Zeus³ 9" Chartplotters

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