B&G Zeus³ has been designed to fully support sailors in the best races and most extreme conditions. Enjoy same power while cruising. Buy best marine chartplotters online. Solar Max HD IPS screen. Super bright and crisp display, super wide viewing angle and super fast data. Pilot your optimum course.

Zeus³ capabilities

Cruisers and regatta racers will equally enjoy Zeus³ capabilities, including SailSteer, RacePanel, WindPlot, advanced Laylines computation and PredictWind integration

Zeus³ is an ultra-bright, wide-angle SolarMax HD IPS display combining all-weather touchscreen technology prepared for the most extreme conditions, including rotary dial and keypad controls.


Marine GPS Chartplotter

Designed for sailors, built for sailing. Extended keypad functionality. For when the going gets rough. Easy to use cruising and racing features. Laylines and SailingTime.

Zeus³ Key Features

  • Completely visual intuitive user interface.
  • Exclusive SolarMax HD IPS Display technology for the clearest view in the market in all-weather conditions, under wider viewing.
  • Multi-touch control complemented by rotary dial and keypad controls for the most adverse conditions.
  • Advanced features included, among others:
    • SailSteer&reg.
    • SailingTime.
    • RacePanel
    • LayLines integration with H5000.
    • B&G Triton and H5000 Pilot Systems integration.
    • ForwardScan integration.
    • PredictWind&reg integration.
  • Integrate the cartography of your choice, including C-MAP and Navionics.
  • NMEA 2000&reg and Ethernet connectivity .
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Video In and HDMI Out (in 12″ and 16″ units).
  • Internal 10Hz GPS.
  • NASA online diagnostics and remote support.

Born in Extreme: Maximum Capabilities

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