B&G’s award-winning sailing chartplotters enhance your time on the water. Benefit from high-accuracy GPS and the best marine charts. Network with Radar, AIS and wind, depth and speed transducers for the ultimate marine navigation system for sailors.

The Benefits of Sailing with B&G Chartplotters

Explore Triton²

Clear, Bright Display

Clearest view of key sailing data, from almost any angle.

Easy to use sailing features

See all key sailing data in an easy-to-understand format, including SailSteer.

Autopilot Control

Can be used as autopilot controller with the additional compact Triton² Pilot Controller.

Explore Vulcan

Easy to Use

Simple multi-touch screen makes it easy to add waypoints and plan routes.

Sailing Features

Dedicated sailing features for cruising or racing, including SailSteer.

Easy Integration

Connect Vulcan to an existing system or add basic sailing components to a Vulcan display.

Explore Zeus³

Best Screen

SolarMAX™ HD — the brightest, clearest screens with extreme viewing angles.

Easy to Use

Multi-touch screen with full keypad control for easy operation in all conditions.

Award-winning Sailing Features

Easily leverage dedicated, race-proven sailing features such as SailSteer, Laylines and RacePanel.

The Best Marine GPS Chartplotters

B&G Chartplotter screenshot


One easy and powerful instrument view combining all essential sailing data. Heading, Wind, Laylines, Tide, Waypoint and Wind Shift sectors. Trust SailSteer to handle the numbers so you can enjoy a perfect day on the water.

B&G Chartplotter Cartography screenshot

Laylines & SailingTime

SailingTime provides accurate time-to-layline and time-to-waypoint information for sailors

B&G Chartplotter Channel approach screenshot

Autopilot Control

Engage and take charge of the autopilot direct from your B&G chartplotter and enjoy the reassurance of seamless integration and control, while you sit back and relax.

B&G Chartplotter 2 screenshots


Built-in wireless technology provides an unprecedented level of connectivity between your chartplotters, tablets and smartphones. Download the free software to view (smartphone) and control (tablet) from almost anywhere on board.

B&G Chartplotter SailSteer


RacePanel provides race timer, next leg and start line functions. Powerful scaled start line view. Simply set by adding the line end positions from a choice of “Ping”, waypoint position, cursor position or range and bearing from current position. StartLine gives you what you need to win the start.

B&G Chartplotter Cartography screenshot


See what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information. Sail poorlycharted or unfamiliar waters confidently with a clear image of the bottom ahead of your boat.

B&G Chartplotter Radar screenshot


Access and monitor your radar output conveniently from the chartplotter display for total control and awareness in a fully integrated sailing navigation system.

B&G Chartplotter Cartography screenshot


PredictWind weather forecast services provide high resolution wind forecasting for sailing. Integrated exclusively on B&G’s Zeus and Vulcan products, and available via a Wi-Fi connection upon registration (premium features require a subscription). Visit www.predictwind.com.

B&G Product Feature Comparison

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