Triton² is the most cost-effective professional sailing solution sailors can add to their cruising and club racing on board systems. Triton² is your complete Instrument and Autopilot system. Triton² Display when integrated with the Pilot Remote offers sailors the perfect navigation system when cruising or racing.

B&G Autopilot System

Triton² Display & Pilot Remote.

B&G Triton² Display

The clearest, multi-purpose, full-color display for sailors.

Triton² offers a clear visual representation of the most relevant information needed when sailing.
You will be able to configure display options for Speed, Depth, Wind, Heading, but also GPS data and AIS targets.
Enjoy same manufacturing quality as B&G Grand Prix professional series in a cost-effective package that will allow you to incrementally grow your sailing system.


Key Features


  • Large 4.1-inch transflective, full colour LCD screen.
  • Display GPS, AIS targets and other data,in addition to Wind, Speed, Depth and Heading.
  • Includes unique B&G unique sailing features like SailSteer and WindPlot.
  • Fully configure the AIS screen to ease navigation on crowded waters or follow your friends or racing mates.
  • All technical and logical capabilities in a low power consumption device.


B&G Triton² Digital Display

Triton² Instrument & Sensors Pack

B&G Triton² Autopilot controller and 4.1 inch display pack

B&G Triton² Pilots

Triton² Pilots are based on the same outstanding accuracy and reliability of the world’s top helmsmen.

B&G has made available for the cruising sailor the same race-winning, high performance autopilot technology.

Triton² Autopilot Instrument and Controller


B&G Triton2 Autopilots

B&G Triton² Pilot Controller

320,00 294,40

Remote Control

Triton² compatible Pilot Computers


Simrad Autopilot system

Simrad NAC-2 VRF Core Pack

1.249,00 1.149,08

Simrad Autopilot system

Simrad NAC-2 Autopilot Core Pack

1.499,00 1.379,08

Simrad Autopilot system

Simrad NAC-3 VRF Core Pack

1.950,00 1.794,00

Simrad Autopilot system

Simrad NAC-3 Autopilot Core Pack

2.200,00 2.024,00

B&G H5000 Autopilots Pilot Computers

B&G H5000 Pilot Computer

2.090,00 1.922,80

Triton² recommended Compass

Triton² recommended Rudder Feedback Units

Triton² recommended Drive Units / Hydraulic Rams

B&G Pilots are compatible with a number of third-party drive units in addition to B&G models. Consult us.

Please, take into account for selecting a pilot that you must always use the fully laden displacement of your boat. Typically it can be as much as 20% above the designed displacement when you take into account water and fuel, among other factors.

If you find your computations fill between two pilot types, choose the larger one for safety reasons and optimal performance.

If you have installed another manufacturer’s Ram or Rotary drive these will, in most cases, be compatible.

To check this, please contact us.

B&G Pilot RAM Selection Guide
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